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Peter manages the whole signing process by email.


Need a NDA? a SAFE? Peter will ask you the right questions and write everything for you.


Just signed a paper contract? Scan it to Peter, he'll timestamp it.


Forgot an information about your company? Peter knows you better than you do.

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Cc Peter, Send.

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Peter can manage up to 5 different parties simultaneously. All signatures are legally binding and secured in the Bitcoin blockchain.

To: | Cc:
Subject: Contract Foo <> EvilCorp
Hi Josh,

Here's the NDA (attached). My lawyer Peter (in Cc) will assist you with the signing process. Don't hesitate to ask him any question regarding this contract.

I use Peter to store my critical documents in a safe, legally certified place.

Stephane Sezer

Engineer at Facebook

I'm super excited about the potential of the Blockchain technology combined with the power of AI.

Nicolas Debock

VC at Balderton

Peter was very helpful when I had to sign a NDA for my partnership. I thought it was a real human until I saw "AI" in his signature.

Thomas Despin


We use Peter to request signatures in bulk. It's incredibly fast and powerful.

Sylvain Kalache

Ex-Engineer at LinkedIn
Holberton School

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